Ajil-e Moshkel Gosha is a traditional Persian mixture of nuts, berries and dried fruits. Sometimes dried chickpea are included in the mixture. It is served particularly on holidays such as Shab-e Yalda. It is believed that sharing ajil-e moshkel gosha with a worried friend will relieve her or his concerns.

There is an ancient city of pilgrimage in Khorossan (North Eastern Iran) called Mashhad. A place of mystery and legend, Mashhad has a rich folklore which has absorbed the many stories of people who have traveled there. The folktale of Ajil-e Moshkel Gosha tells of the magical powers of compassion and sharing stories in a precarious world.

Come listen to Ariel Balevi tell the story of unexpected encounters and twists of fate accompanied by the soulful music of the voice-like kamanche of Musician Shahriyar Jamshidi.