Kamanche, a vibrant bowed string instrument has survived from hundred years of cultural transmission in the West and Central Asia.

Today, Kamanche demonstrates the musical identity of these areas to all around the world.

The Lullaby of a Nomad” is Shahriyar Jamshidi’s first solo project since he started working professionally in the music scene in 1992. In this album, Kamanche retells dramatically the story of a decamping person who is on the way of a pathless future. Shahriyar has been trying to bring to the listeners his longstanding experience of the distinctive capability of the Kamanche as well as the taste of his culture with melodies he created in improvisation session.

Besides, Shahriyar is known as a Kurdish Kamanche player from Iranian Kurdistan. He always mentions “I was so lucky receiving a gift to be born in Kurdish community and risen in the fascinating cultural surrounding in the Kurdish city Kermanshah, Western part of Iran.”

Recording, Mixing, and Mastering: Alireza Javaheri, Tehran, Iran – July 2018
Photo and cover-page design: Roxana Khoshravesh
Kamanche: Shahriyar Jamshidi

Fall 2018 Toronto, Canada