A live interview to present a Kurdish Kamanche player and composer Shahriyar Jamshidi, will be hosted by Ottawa Kurdish Cultural Forum.

ShahriyarJamshidi OKCF LiveEvent Aug 222021

Jamshidi will be talking briefly about his professional instrument Kamanche how it become a main Kurdish instrument, the role of Music in Kurdish culture. As well, he will focus on his long term interest protecting and preserving Kurdish musical heritage in Eastern Kurdistan and his recent record releases “My Sunset-Land Rojava” that was publicized last year.

This live public interview is on Jetsi platform in Kurdish Central Language (Sorani).

A  link for the event on JITSI allows the public to join the meeting freely whiteout installing the software by using their updated browsers!


Sunday August 22, 2021

Starts @ EST: 2:00 PM

Northern & Southern Kurdistan: (GMT+4:30); Amed, Erbil & Sulaymaniyah: 9: 00 PM

Eastern Kurdistan:  (GMT+4:30) Mahabad, Kermanshah: 10:30 PM